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Our Values

At Outkreate, we’re passionate about your ideas—and we use our expertise to bring them to life.

We value your time.

As business owners, we understand that time is your most precious resource. Our efficient processes and extensive experience mean quicker projects without compromising impact.

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We value design and narrative — but not for its own sake.

No matter how pretty the visuals are, if your story doesn't tie to your main message, we measure our success by how well our presentations solve your problems and deliver strong results.

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We value long-term business relationships.

Our clients appreciate that we’re in this for the long haul. In fact, we deliberately choose to work with fewer clients—fostering more meaningful collaborations for better results.

About Our Senior Team

Harry Shah

Founder & CEO

Harry is left and right-brained—both analytical and creative. He’s an engineer and an artist who understands business and design. And he’s why Outkreate consistently earns the admiration of business-savvy clients who need practical design solutions.

Having thrived in professional capacity at Bridgestone USA and The Hershey Company, Harry understands large corporations well. At Hershey, working in a variety of roles across Corporate Strategy, Sales & Retailer Strategy, and Supply Chain, Harry fell in love with the world of strategy and storytelling, brand marketing and experiential retail.

Harry launched Outkreate in 2015 as a way to help enlightened business leaders extend their reach and promote their ideas with more powerful visual storytelling. Since then, Outkreate has created high-impact presentations, videos and change management communications for large and complex global organizations.

Scott Latyn

Senior Presentation Designer

With over fifteen years as a creative professional, Scott Latyn has spent the last eight years consulting on and designing compelling presentations and new business pitches for clients large and small, converting a life-long interest in bullet-proof arguments into a professional obsession with the effective, visual communication of ideas. He plans, designs, writes, and creates, not necessarily in that order.

With a prior seven years as an end-to-end agency creative, Scott knows the right questions to ask to keep workflows seamless (or as seamless as possible) and project goals top of mind. He's a comfortable client partner who builds productive working relationships with everyone from the freshest intern to the most seasoned executive.

In off-hours, Scott ... still does presentations stuff, lecturing for and mentoring the next generation of investors, innovators, and entrepreneurs as part-time faculty with the Rutgers University Masters of Business and Science Capstone Program since 2019.

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