Case Study: Investor Overview Presentation

Newmark Group, Inc. (NMRK) is a major player in the commercial real estate (CRE) space, with a history dating back to 1929. They are amongst the top 5 CRE companies in the US, with an ambition to expand globally. 

NMRK’s IR team’s goal was to make their investment thesis more relevant, and compelling based on the new realities of the global economy and markets. They tapped OUTKREATE to transform their General Investor Presentation.


In the post-pandemic landscape, investors and analysts expressed concerns regarding the company’s substantial focus on office real estate in major U.S. cities.

In reality, contrary to perception, the company’s actual business portfolio showed more diversification than what it got credit for. 46% of its revenue was generated from thriving sectors such as multi-family housing and industrial real estate. Surprisingly, this fact and several other positives like growing recurring revenue and global expansion, weren’t clearly conveyed in their existing Investor Overview presentation.

To address this, the IRO saw a need to transform their investor story to close perception gaps with the investors.

Before Version: Lack of a clear narrative. Also, very heavy on numbers, busy text, not engaging visually.


In the discovery phase, we found a gap between the IRO’s pitch and the messaging in the presentation. To bridge this gap, we asked a lot of questions to the IR team to gather context. We also dove into the company’s existing materials, such as previous earnings presentations, which unearthed the company’s strong business model and strengths in growing sectors of the broader economy. 

We then restructured the presentation, based on our best-in-class practices for Investor Overview presentations. 

We also fine-tuned the headlines, i.e., the main-message on each slide, and simplified content. We applied data-visualization best practices to simplify complex charts, ensuring they are more clear and easy to understand. And that’s not it. We made sure that the entire deck was very visual – giving it a fresh, modern look. We pushed boundaries but also consulted Newmark’s in-house creative team to ensure we’re staying true to their brand guidelines

After Version: Has a clear structure, strong narrative. Data visualization makes it visually engaging


1. The right structure

The transformed deck starts strong with a clear opening slide showcasing a strong company with many accolades, followed by a compelling case of NMRK being a diversified business. Next, the investment thesis slide articulates the four key “whys”, and the rest of the presentation follows this flow. Every slide is easy to follow with strong headlines and clear takeaways.

The new presentation structure is base on the 4 key 'WHYs' reasons, pillars of the investor thesis
2. Visually impactful

To highlight the diversity of the sectors in which the company is involved and a well-rounded portfolio, we used images from various sectors, not just commercial office space. This visual approach strengthens the message

We made the deck more visual to amplify the messaging. Highlighting the diverse sectors of Newmark
3. The Perfect Pitch

The presentation received strong, positive feedback from the C-suite. It was published on the company’s investor relations website. It also made a strong impression at an investor-focused meeting.

In addition, the IR team is now utilizing slides, and inspiration from this deck in all other IR materials (earnings, non-deal roadshows, and more).

The Overview Deck now serves as the foundation for Newmark's other Investor Materials

Here’s what our client has to say:

“We worked with Outkreate to enhance Newmark’s General Investor presentation. They brought an external perspective and uncovered gaps in our story, collaborating with us to improve messaging and visualization. The final presentation was well-received by our leadership and external audiences.”

Jason McGruder,
Head of Investor Relations, Newmark

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