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"The OUTKREATE team's unique strength is to "simplify" complexity especially when leveraging data and insights. The presentations were spot-on and helped convey our value proposition to our customers successfully."

Josh O’Kane Director, Category Management The Hershey Company

"We worked with OUTKREATE to develop a Presentations Training Program. OUTKREATE's expertise and guidance in building storylines with data, crafted to unique audiences, all with compelling design has not only enhanced our communication abilities but has strengthened our relationships with our customers and therefore helped improve our business results. The frameworks, tools and techniques have had a lasting impact, and we thank the Outkreate team for truly elevating our presentations’ storytelling and design."

Lucia Maschler Barnes Manager, Category Management Training The Hershey Company

"OUTKREATE provided excellent presentation tools for our Category and Sales teams. Since implementing them at our NSM, we've seen major improvements in the rigor applied to meeting prep, storytelling, and content development. Our narratives are clearer, visuals are sharper, and conversations are more impactful."

Chris Witham Senior Director of Category Strategy and Insights Nature's Way

“OUTKREATE is a real thought partner. They’re able to say, “I see your point, but what about this? What about that?” On top of that, they are extremely agile and responsive.”

Robin Alex Head - US Shopper & Customer Insights, Mondelēz International, Inc.

“Often, we fail to see the shortcomings in our presentations as we are very close to it and this is exactly where the OUTKREATE team comes into the picture. They help you look at the entire thing with a different and of course a better perspective.”

Anirban Nandi Director, Strategy Mars, Incorporated

“I view OUTKREATE as a key partner in our work. We have used them for creative design, high end presentations, consulting deliverable development and more.. both for our own internal needs, and on work for our clients. They are creative, collaborative, strategic, responsive and produce reliably fast, quality work. Beyond that, they are just good people to work with!”

Patrick Fitzmaurice
Patrick Fitzmaurice CEO, Caterpillar Farm - Shopper Insights Consultancy

"OUTKREATE has been a great business partner. Through collaborating with them, we have increased the impact of our strategic communications, both internally and externally.”

Dan Pickerel Shopper Insights,
Mondelēz International, Inc.

"Our partnership with OUTKREATE has resulted in enhanced storytelling for analysts and investors. Their creative thinking and expertise in visual communications was a game-changer as it allowed us to focus our time on the message instead of the visuals."

Leah Landis, Director of Investor Relations, Hershey
Leah Landis Director Of Investor Relations The Hershey Company

"The OUTKREATE team has been a great partner -- helping us communicate our business strategy and vision to internal and external stakeholders. I know that I can count on them to deliver a fantastic looking presentation that is clear and concise."

Zhenya Korkina Head of Variety Pack and On-the-Go, Ferrara Candy Company

"I've worked with multiple creative agencies in my marketing career. We engaged OUTKREATE to develop Verra Mobility's Corporate Narrative presentation. They collaborated like a true strategic advisor, and not as any order-taking design agency. The result was we got a presentation that solved our pressing needs versus just pretty slides."

Eric Krantz Director - Corporate Marketing
Verra Mobility

"For AWI’s 2022 Investor Day, OUTKREATE delivered slides that were clear and visually engaging, and successfully communicated to our audiences. With OUTKREATE doing the heavy-lifting on slide-design, my small team was able to work on higher-value tasks -- resulting in a successful Investor Day."

Theresa Womble, VP of Investor Relations
Theresa Womble VP Of Investor Relations Armstrong Worldwide Industries

How do your
Presentations measure up?

Do you have a major event or a high-stakes meeting coming up? Do you need a sharp narrative and bold design?

Let’s connect and we can take a closer look at your presentations. We’ll share with you actionable ideas along with real examples that you can apply to improve odds of success.


Do you recognize any of these common challenges?

Cartoon man holding a laptop and a book

Juggling many hats leaves little time for crucial presentations.”

Cartoon professional team pushing an arrow up to represent the workplace struggle for results

We don’t have a lot of internal resources… I often just reuse my last presentation and simply change what I have to.”

A cartoon man relaxing at his desk

“Our C-suite is constantly tweaking my presentations—which robs them of their impact.”

A group of colleagues chatting

“My internal design teams don’t understand our niche business needs —so getting help with my presentations can be a challenge.”

We understand your challenges, and we're here to help

Your audience is distracted. Impatient. Skeptical. Maybe even overwhelmed. Unfortunately, that means that the first thing you want to tell them is often the last thing they want to hear.

We won’t tell you what to say, or take over your comms strategy. But, we’ll help you get your points across more effectively via clear and engaging presentations. Your audience will have no choice but to sit up and take notice.

A woman communicating in the workplace A woman communicating in the workplace

Why you need professional design for your Presentations

It’s hard to connect and get buy-in from your audience. We help you overcome common presentation challenges so your audience takes action.

An icon of a person thinking
Present Logically

Ensure your audience understands your message.

An icon of different emotions
Connect Emotionally

Use visual design to emotionally engage on a deeper level.

An icon representing communication with a speech bubble and a bullseye
Communicate Purposefully

Showcase your company ethically and responsibly.

How does your
Presentation measure up?

Do you have a major event or a high-stakes meeting coming up? Do you need a sharp narrative and bold design?

Let’s connect and we can take a closer look at your presentations. We’ll share with you actionable ideas along with real examples that you can apply to improve odds of success.