We live in the world of presentations 24X7, and yet learned new insights from my fellow panelists, Mark Zindler and Gervais Williams during our webinar on IR Magazine last week.  Here are my few light-bulb moments. 01 Loved Gervais’s idea to add a pinch of surprise to your slides from time to time. Add something […]

As a leader, managing teams comes with its own varied challenges. Factor in the complexities of working from home, and it’s a whole new world to navigate. At Outkreate, I’ve been leading a virtual team for the past two and a half years with members based in both the U.S. and India. We’re familiar with […]

COVID-19 has forced business leaders to find a way to transition into the world of remote work successfully. Virtual meetings and presentations are more critical than ever, but not everyone knows the right way to tackle them. The truth is, they don’t have to be a hurdle. Virtual presentations can be an incredible asset if […]

Are you getting ready for an important Sales meeting with a large customer? Or, perhaps you are working on selling a Strategic Initiative to your C-suite? Or, maybe you have a Town Hall or an Investor Relations meeting to prepare for. In each of these cases, you’re developing a story to tell, and a well-crafted […]

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