We got this question from an IRO recently right after their earnings release. Looking to streamline her presentation, she asked, “What should my Earnings Deck cover? Any advice on general flow? What are the must-haves? Our deck has bloated over time, and I feel like we’re not communicating well.” I see a lot (a lot!) […]

Our business is built on delivering value to the IR community, knowing that a few of the IROs might hire us when it makes sense. We focus on sharing valuable insights, putting lots of little deposits in the karma bank and making a thoughtful withdrawal at times (like this, hopefully). In this blog post, I’m […]

Newmark Group, Inc. (NMRK) is a major player in the commercial real estate (CRE) space, with a history dating back to 1929. They are amongst the top 5 CRE companies in the US, with an ambition to expand globally.  NMRK’s IR team’s goal was to make their investment thesis more relevant, and compelling based on […]

Are you gearing up for your company’s upcoming Investor Day? As an Investor Relations Officer, the success of your I-Day relies heavily on a compelling main message that you want your analyst audience to walk away with. Consider these 3 steps when creating your main message. 01 Be clear on your “Why?” As you craft […]

We live in the world of presentations 24X7, and yet learned new insights from my fellow panelists, Mark Zindler and Gervais Williams during our webinar on IR Magazine last week.  Here are my few light-bulb moments. 01 Loved Gervais’s idea to add a pinch of surprise to your slides from time to time. Add something […]

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